Skúška špecifických predpokladov bude zameraná na overenie jazykovej spôsobilosti uchádzača v anglickom jazyku na úrovni B 2. Cieľom písomného testu z anglického jazyka je overiť požadované znalosti jazykových výrazových prostriedkov na úrovni lexikálnej, morfologickej a syntaktickej a spôsobilosť pracovať s textom podľa pokynov. Prvé tri úlohy sú zamerané na čítanie s porozumením. Prvá úloha umožňuje zistiť primeranú šírku slovnej zásoby na základe výberu vhodných výrazov podľa kontextu; druhá overuje ovládanie základných gramatických pravidiel aplikovaných na tvorbu slovných druhov (substantíva, adjektíva, slovesá, adverbiá, zámená, číslovky) a tretia preveruje schopnosť vyhľadať konkrétne informácie v písanom texte. Posledná úloha overuje znalosť gramatických štruktúr na požadovanej úrovni.

Odporúčaná literatúra:

Liz and Joan Soars. New Headway English Course – Upper-Intermediate. Oxford : OUP 1998, prípadne iná učebnica na danej úrovni.

Gramatické príručky: Swan, M., Walter, C. How English Works: A grammar practice book. Oxford : OUP  2000.

Modelový test z anglického jazyka:

Task 1:  Read the text and choose the best answer (a – d) to fill in the gaps (1 – 15). Then mark the answer on the answer sheet.
Have you ever asked yourself what you are working for? If you have ever had the time to consider this taboo question, or put it to others in moments of weakness or confidentiality, you might well heard some or all of the (1) … .  It’s the money, of course, some say with a smile, as if explaining something to a small child. Or it´s the satisfaction of (2) … well done or the sense of achievement behind the clinching of an important deal. I worked as a bus conductor once and I can´t say I (3) … the same as I staggered along the swaying gangway…

1   a) coming     b) stemming     c) ensuing   d) following
2   a) a work      b) a job               c) a task       d) an effort
3   a) enjoyed    b) wished           c) hoped     d) felt

Task 2:  Use the words given in capital letters below the text to form a word that fits best the gaps (1 – 10). Write the correct form of the missing word into the numbered gap on the answer sheet.  An example (0) has been done for you.
“Space Warrior Wrist” is only one of the (0) …painful …conditions that can be caused by (1) … playing computer games. Children also suffer from a strange (2) … feeling in their upper arms or shoulders. Another problem that doctors have reported is a (3) … of appetite in some children. The (4) … for this seems to be that  ………….

0 pain     1 constant     2 ache     3 lose     4 explain

Task 3: Choose the best answer to a question or completion (a – d) of a sentence (1 –  5). Mark your choice on the answer sheet.
Bulbs are ideal for new gardeners, including children, because they are easy to plant and they always flower well in their first season. They need comparatively little attention, provided that the soil has been properly prepared, and the place where they are planted is chosen with care. They will last for many years and give you an annual show of flowers that are often so richly coloured or beautifully formed as to be in a class apart from other garden flowers.
Never be content to plant the bulbs by themselves. The majority look best when planted among other kinds of plants, because they have unattractive leaves which are thus hidden. There are a few bulbs, such as standard daffodils, which are, however, at their best grown in short grass.

1 Why should new gardeners try growing bulbs?

A) They are cheap, so a great many can be grown. B) They will grow anywhere in the garden.
C) Once planted, little after-care is needed.              D) Their flowers get better and better each year.

5 Some lilies and miniature daffodils are different from other bulbs because they are

A) particularly attractive in colour.                                        B) difficult to grow successfully.
C) disappointing when they flower.                                       D)  rare and very eye-catching.

Task 4:  Fill in the gaps (1 – 5) with the right word or phrase (a – d). Mark your choice on the answer sheet.

1. I’ll have to study hard ……… I can pass the exam.
a) in order       b) so that         c) therefore     d) so as
2. What a shame! I ………. forgot all about his birthday.
a) completely              b) entirely       c) distinctly                d) seriously
3. Could you buy a cake please ………. John and Mary come this afternoon?
a) if only         b) because       c) in case         d) on account of
4. He detests ………. in cold water.
a) to swim       b) swimming               c) swim           d) be swimming
5. Don’t come to work  ………. you feel better.
a) still              b) already        c) until            d) ever